Bruna & Jhonata

Shemale Candy - Bruna & Jhonata - Latin Shemales
She may look girlish and innocent, but this Latina shemale is a beast in the bedroom, as Jhonata finds out when he opens up his hole to the horny vixen, and let’s her hammer away at it on the bed in this new video.

Penelope Jolie & Matheus Axell

Shemale Candy - Penelope Jolie & Matheus Axell - Latin Shemales
Tattooed tranny Penelope goes nuts fucking Matheus in side-saddle position in this video. Grinding and drilling that cock in deep, she gives it to him good. And that’s just one of the many positions she slams the submissive partner in during the encounter.

Adriana, Vito & Kauane

Shemale Candy - Adriana, Vito & Kauane - Latin Shemales
The positions these three get themselves into is nothing short of acrobatic in this threeway video. Big beauty Adriana teams up with Kauane and Victor to bring you yet another fantastic threesome encounter that puts Victor in the center of a female/shemale sandwich the rest of us can only dream of being part of.

Izabella Lobos & Andre

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Like a any tranny with such assets as Izabella, he partner’s really pay her the appropriate attention before they fall straight into some heavy ass-fucking. Alexandre is careful to orally satisfy both Izabella’s cock and hole before putting both to very good use in this video.

Thays & San

Shemale Candy - Thays & San - Latin Shemales
After her hole is licked, loosed and lubed up by San, Thays submits it to his cock, taking it in a few different positions, but always with a look of utter satisfaction graced across that beautiful face.

Thays, Peggy & Andre

Shemale Candy - Thays, Peggy & Andre - Latin Shemales
We know there’s plenty of you that’ve been waiting for this incredible tranny/female/male threeway video – and it’s been one worth waiting for. Now you can see blonde tranny superstar Thays get her ass hammered while being watched on by a horny, masturbating female admirer.

Fabricia, Matheus & Taylla

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Bronzed and beautiful Fabricia and Matheus make quite the caramel coupling in this video. Along for the ride is Taylla, who’s very happy to make three a party in this brilliant male-on-female-on-shemale encounter. Take your pick viewers, we’re all about diversity.

Fernada Barros, Amanda Borbom & Renzo Araujo

Shemale Candy - Fernada Barros, Amanda Borbom & Renzo Araujo - Latin Shemales
We know you love a good, diverse threesome and we’ve got another trio to satisfy your lust with the gorgeous tranny Fernanda, real female blonde bombshell Amanda and their titan of a male lover, Renzo. There are some serious fireworks in this fuckfest, so strap yourselves in!

Dayanne & Jhonata

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Following her stunning action set last month, Dayane returns to give us another taste of that caramel Latina ass in this titilating new video. She suck’s her lover’s tool before he goes down on her ass, prepping in for the onslaught that’s about to be inflicted on her.

Nayla, Christian & Linette

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